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burn fat. Feel amazing!

The Naked Truth Weight Loss Program trains and resets the body to “BURN FAT” efficiently once and for all.


after 6 weeks on our Weight Loss program Clients can

Women Lose Up To 15%

Men Lose Up To 20%

Target Visceral Fat Loss


This comprehensive doctor supervised weight loss program here at The Naked Truth Langley will get you to where you need to be in order to feel healthy and ready to take on the world. So, what is involved?

A comprehensive personalized consultation with our doctor to address your personal weight loss goals. Every body is a different body, it’s important our doctor has this time to design what will work best for you.

Weekly visits with the doctor to keep you on track and on target.

Access to premium supplements hand-picked for you

An easy to follow diet plan for during your journey and a diet plan to keep you on track once you reach your goals.

This program will reeducate your metabolism to understand the difference between healthy fat storage and unnecessary fat storage. Once the body is reprogrammed, energy will increase and fat storage will decline, leaving you looking on the outside the way you feel on the inside

This program will not only improve metabolic fat burn rates but it will also improve cognitive function making it easier to stay on track, stay focused at work and gain the ability to excel at new and existing personal goals.

The key to weight loss isn’t through some fad diet that is just going to leave you feeling defeated and depleted, the key is through comprehensive work with an experienced professional that can design the program that will work for your body.

No two bodies are the same, therefore no fad diet will work the same.

Tired of trying everything only to be let down?

Then there’s nothing to lose as we are offering a one on one in person consultation with our doctor at no charge to find out more. And for a limited time only you can also indulge in our infrared sauna massage bed one time on us.

Your "One Day" starts today!

Click the link below and schedule your comprehensive consult with our on site doctor to determine if you are a candidate for our new weight loss program!

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Introducing The Most Advanced Weight Loss Program.


Say Goodbye To 

Unwanted Fat!

With the correct combination of nutrients and amino acids, fat, especially unwanted belly fat will begin to break down and metabolism will reset.  

Excess fat storage will start to eliminate itself and glycogen storage will begin to deplete, therefore training the body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose.

Boost metabolism 

Burn toxic fat through healthy calories!

The doctor will customize your program to train the body to not only learn to burn fat for fuel but to flush out toxins in the body that lead to excess weight gain, overall improving digestion, metabolism, immune function and even help to improve the appearance of skin. With side effects like that how could you resist right? No need to resist, we said the consult is free so there is nothing to lose.

Increase energy

Unlock Your untapped energy and keep it all day!

With the proper use of vitamins especially B12 you can expect to watch your energy sore, even though the doctor has reduced your calories. Better digestion thanks to our doctor’s expertise of knowing how to bypass the gut and increase absorption straight into the organs. Organs will begin to function in a higher capacity leaving you feeling over all healthier. Fad diets tend to leave you feeling lethargic and wondering why you bothered in the first place if you don’t even have the energy to enjoy your new body.

improve Digestion

Allows your body to function optimally!

The nutrients present in the MIC injections help in the proper function of the bodies organs. This leads to better digestion and better absorption of nutrients from the diet. 

With oral supplements, the nutrients are often lost in the digestion process but this problem is eliminated with MIC injections. Three cheers for better pooping. Yep we typed the word pooping. 



Infrared Sauna bed

Thermo fitness that helps to reduce water retention. The vibration massage helps to increase blood flow to the back and lower legs, not to mention its also very relaxing.

 The infrared wellness pod also aides with muscle recovery by inducing much needed heat to reduce inflammation and pain all the while increasing flexibility. 

It stimulates hormone levels in the brain that promote happiness and healing.

Perhaps one of the number one benefits for many people is the increased metabolism, making it the perfect addition to a weight loss program.


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*Individual results may vary based on an individuals personal health, diet, personal commitment, in adherence to the program. Information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before starting any weight loss program, consult with a health care professional.